The NED Show®

Promoting Academic Achievement through
Character Development

The NED Show®: Mission - Promoting Academic Achievement through Character Development. We do this through The NED Show, designed to help kids become champions at school and in life.

All For KIDZ® began in 1989 with a firm belief that there is a champion in every kid. Each year The NED Show motivates and inspires nearly 2 million children.  We have performed in all 50 States, Canada, England, Australia and even for special events at the White House!

We believe students can accomplish amazing things - if they’re given positive motivation and specific directions that lead to success.

Our passion is to create change in every kid who sees our show and hears the NED® message. We become your partner in improving test scores, bettering student behavior and most importantly bringing the champion out of every kid.

Headquartered just north of Seattle, WA, our passionate staff of 45 includes 16 full time performers who live in major cities throughout the United States.

Description of program:
The NED Show is high energy and lots of fun for kids. More importantly it teaches students what it takes to be champions at school and in life! NED stands for:

Never Give Up (focus and persistence)
Encourage Others (kindness and shared learning)
Do Your Best (diligence and excellence)®

These three simple principles can make a profound difference in every student, as well as create a strong impact on the culture of your entire school.

Our goal? Partner with you to:

Improve Test Scores
We encourage kids to become champions at school by working hard in the classroom and by doing things “the best” way as their teachers instruct them. Many schools tell us The NED Show inspired their students to achieve more academically and that it is a great “kick off” and motivator for testing.

Improve Student Behavior
The NED Show emphasizes the importance of good character and helping others. Also, our performers can customize The NED Show to reinforce and support your anti-bullying, anti-drug or character building program.

Grades: K-6


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