The Amazing Bubbleman
Louis Pearl

Professional Bubble-ologist

"Wow! The kids loved you, the staff loved you, we want you back next year!!!"
Cathy Harriman, Chrysler Elementary School,
Modesto, CA

Louis Pearl: Louis Pearl has been bubbling professionally since 1980, when he started Tangent Toy Company. He started performing in 1983 with a show at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. He has written two books about bubbles, made a video called "Lights, Camera, Bubbles!" and has so far produced 21 fantastic bubble inventions.

Description of program:
Louis makes learning FUN by mixing science in with the pure thrills of his stage show. He teaches about Surface Tension, Minimum Surface Areas, the Bernoulli Effect, the Venturi Effect, Bubble Color, Bubble Chemistry, How Bubbles Are Possible, How Bubbles Pop, and Why Soap and Water Make Bubbles and Clean Things. The program ends with the ever popular people-inside-of-bubbles. The show includes lot of volunteers, thrills and laughter.

Grades: K-Adults

Other: Family Fun Nights, Libraries, Private Parties, Conventions


The Amazing Bubbleman
Louis Pearl
4096 Piedmont Ave #946
Oakland, CA 946112
(707) 340-0124


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