Historical Impressionist

Peter M. Small

Living History Actor

"Your adaptation of my great grandfather, Thomas Edison, would be much apprecitated by him."
Great grandson of Thomas Edison,
Professor David E. Sloan, University of New Haven

Peter Small: Peter is a former history teacher in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., who originally developed his costumed historical impersonations for his classes. Peter has toured his Historical Impressionist presentation nationally before a wide range of audiences, with performances at the Ronald Reagan and Herbert Hoover Presidential Libraries, Michigan's Port Huron Thomas Edison Festival, and in Los Angeles on KTTV-TV's Midday Sunday show. Peter performs regularly at Knott's Berry Farm's Thomas Edison Workshop.

Description of programs:
Peter brings his enthusiasm for teaching and love of history to your students through his Historical Impressionist school assemblies. Each program features a personal encounter with an important historical figure in authentic period costume. This educational multi-media experience allows students journey back in time to see, hear, speak to, and question each important historical figure in a fun and informative atmosphere. Students will learn about each character's historical period, life and experiences.

George Washington:
Meet the "Father of our Country" as he separates fact from myth about his life from the cherry tree to crossing the Delaware River.

Thomas Jefferson:
He was the third President, the the "Sage of Monticello" would rather be remembered as a scientist, farmer, inventor, architect, and author of the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Edison:
This interactive program shows how Edison invented the electric light bulb, phonograph, and motion pictures.

Franklin D. Roosevelt:
Meet F.D.R. as he looks back at his accomplishments as President and ahead to victory in World War II and rebuilding the postwar world.

Harry S. Truman:
In his blunt speaking style, President Truman tells how he met the challenges of the Presidency from dropping the Atomic Bomb to the dismissal of General Mac Arthur.

Golda Meir:

As Prime Minister of an embattled nation, her story is also the story of Israel.

Grades: all levels

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Peter Small
PO Box 3452 • Fullerton, CA 92834
(949) 631-2703

E-mail: historyalive5@hotmail.com

Web site: www.history-alive.com

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